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5 Inbound Marketing Blogs To Rule Them All

By: Zac White

Inbound Marketing blogs are becoming a go-to resource for marketers and business owners looking online for cost effective ways to grow their business. A good Inbound marketing blog will show you how to harness the power of non-paid channels such as content, social media, and SEO.  

Searching “Inbound Marketing Blogs,” on Google will show you the 17 best inbound marketing blogs, 25 Great Inbound Marketing Blogs, or even 39 Fantastic Inbound Marketing Blogs.

But who has the time to review that many blogs?

In this post, I’ll simplify things, providing details on the 5 inbound marketing blogs that will teach you everything you need to know about the latest in inbound marketing.

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5 Ways To Escape Writer’s Block

By: Ramesh Ranjan

Most writers get writer’s block. It’s near inevitable. Whether it’s a blog post or ebook, writer’s block happens - and sometimes at the worst possible time. If you haven’t gotten it before, then you’re a lucky person.

But for the rest of us that have, you know the feeling. You stare at your screen or your notepad. The hope of accomplishing your task at hand feels increasingly difficult. You reach deep into your brain for something to get your creative juices going. Nothing’s there.

Now what? What can you possibly do to get your mind back on track? Here are 5 ways to fight the evil that is writer’s block:

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5 Easy Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

By: Zac White


LinkedIn is much more than a job finding website .

Today’s search engine savvy population wants to know the people behind a business. Your skills, recommendations, and experience can be a determining factor in a person’s decision to choose what you’re offering over the competition. This adds even more reason for professionals to be well represented on websites like Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The big benefit of joining these sites is that it establishes your credibility well in advance of your first point of contact. In other words, customers and potential business partners will be thinking “YES!” before they even meet you.


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Why I Hate AdWords’ ‘Ad Relevance’ & ‘Other Ad Triggering’: Simple Solutions To Combat Flawed Ad Serving

I have a confession to make… I’m not fond of Google AdWords’ Quality Score calculation, on a good day. From what I gather from digital marketers the world over, I’m not alone in my belief.

The idea itself is a great one—a way to filter and rank advertisers for similar goods and services in Google’s AdWords auction—so that the advertiser with the highest bid doesn’t automatically win each auction. It’s intended to effectively eliminate a monopoly on ad space that would be waged between deep-pocketed corporations (although some would say, with good authority, it too often is a battle of the titans).

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Attention Small Business: 3 Things To Master Online Before Investing In Social Media

By: Zac White

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, recently wrote a  LinkedIn Influencers article stating social media is still well behind organic search and email for customer acquisition. He uses U.S. data, but his findings are worth noting for other countries. Organic search outperformed the combined results of Facebook and Twitter by over 15%. Also impressive, email marketing outperformed the social networking duo by 6%.

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Internet Marketing Agency

By: Ramesh Ranjan

So you’re ready to invest in your business’ online presence but you’ve got at least one of two problems:

  • No time to do Internet Marketing yourself

  • Not sure how Internet Marketing really works (and works effectively)

That means you’ll need some professionals to manage this for you - an Internet Marketing agency. You’ll need the best agency to run your business’ digital marketing. I’d suggest a real thorough search of agencies because the last thing you want is to bounce around from agency to agency because of poor results and poor service.

Here are some tips to avoid that mess so you can pick the right Internet Marketing agency for your business:

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JCPenney's Super Bowl Tweets Were Drunk?

By: Jennifer Lo

3 Things They Did Right, And What They Could've Done

Whether intentional or not, with social media, great campaigns are viral, and spread like wild fire.

Remember when Oreo tweeted during the Super Bowl blackout and everyone couldn’t stop talking about it?

This year, the winner of the most viral campaign went to JCPenney. Although the campaign was slightly controversial, I thought it was a great move for the department store.

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Social Media Super Bowl Blitz - 4 Million Dollars Versus 140 Characters

By: Zac White

Every year brands line up to pay for commercial spots in North America’s biggest sporting event – the Super Bowl. According to network host Fox, This year’s Super Bowl had an average of 111.5 million viewers, a record for a US program.

The massive viewer count is why advertisers aren’t afraid to spend. Budweiser is already enjoying the success of their ad. Their “Puppy Love” commercial has gone viral and now has over 43 million views on YouTube.

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