Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - An Internet Marketing "Must-Have"

Qualified leads come to websites organically thanks to great SEO. Improve your search rankings AND increase your sales.

LocalTrifecta helps build relationships through better visibility within search engines like Google and Bing by planning, testing and executing successful SEO campaigns.

Search engines change everyday and we’re leaning more and more toward a user centered information gateway, which search engines love. With LocalTrifecta we can help organize, execute and measure success with expert advice by tracking and reporting current trends within a specific industry. We can then zone in on what needs to be done for improving a brand by applying proven SEO techniques tested in the past. The end game has and will always be better rankings, qualified traffic and an increase in revenue.

We start by learning everything we can from your business. Once we have all the information we need, we can then carefully plan and assess an SEO campaign. If done improperly, SEO can damage a website (sometimes beyond repair) and brand online. With experienced veterans in the SEO game, our technicians will analyze and determine the best possible avenue on every project – regardless of the strategy.

Did you know that between 70%-98% of all people search online for a product or service through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo? SEO is crucial and a necessity to ensure a business captures these leads.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a marketing veteran, LocalTrifecta is ready and capable of taking your Internet marketing strategy to the next level by attaining and maintaining rankings for highly profitable keywords that are carefully tracked and monitored.

Here is a list of what you’ll get by hiring us to improve your visibility through SEO:

  • Detailed keyword research before and after SEO campaign

    • Sometimes organizations miss the most important opportunities and target the wrong keywords. We will help alleviate this by researching and analyzing the best keywords for your business.

  • Technical audit for the entire domain and sub-domains

  • Better usability recommendation

  • Transparent monthly reporting

  • Linking analysis

  • Competition research


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